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Camper Clinic RV Super Center in Rockport, Texas provides superior customer service and has an entire team of professional sales experts, finance experts, service technicians, and a knowledgeable parts and accessories staff. They engage in RV sales, service, part sales, and rentals.


Camper Clinic’s old site had way too much going on. Popups, animated banners, sliders moving…it was a lot to take in and figure out where you wanted to go. It also wasn’t mobile responsive and relatively slow, and didn’t do a good job of accomplishing its main goal–getting the customer into the dealership and making the sale. Their users complained that it was time consuming to find what they wanted, and some didn’t even make it past the homepage.

Initial Ideas/Style Concepts

The client wanted to project an air of professionalism and high quality, but they also wanted their site to to feel welcoming to their clients. I made sure to include multiple ways for users to easily find the RV they were looking for in my initial wireframe sketches, including a search box on the homepage and multiple calls to actions that lead to their most visited pages. The color palette was tough to figure out; their brand colors were a very bright yellow and what I refer to as ‘default’ blue, so I adjusted the yellow to be more of a gold and used darker shades for the blue. I decided on going with white as the prominent color and made sure to include plenty of white space for easy readability which is a stark difference from their previous site that used primarily dark blue and felt very cramped.

Camper Clinic Case Study Initial Concept

I then sketched out a few different wireframes on paper, working through how the site would look on each viewport and getting all of my ideas out quickly. Once I had something that both I and our internal team felt worked, I took my best ideas into Photoshop and came up with a mockup that met the goals outlined during the initial design meeting.

Camper Clinic Initial Exploration


I developed the site on the Bootstrap framework using a mix of HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery and integrated it with Netsource’s SiteSource 3 CMS platform (built using which makes it very easy for the client to manage their website. I made sure that the design stayed consistent and easy to use on both mobile and tablet.

Camper Clinic Responsive Devices


There are some things I’d like to update given more time and a larger budget. For example, I’d like to include a search field/icon on mobile that users could use without having to go to the homepage. Still, I’m pleased with how this project turned out and what it will do for their business.

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