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Ocala Gran Prix (OGP) is a nationally renowned Karting facility that has hosted the Florida Winter Tour, ROK Cup and FKCS. Since the facility’s inception in 1999, continuous improvements have been made to provide the racers with a world class facility and atmosphere that is second to none.


It was important for the site to be fast, accessible, exciting, welcoming, and easy to manage all at the same time. Some of the biggest issues the client had with their previous site were:

  • Outdated design.
  • Contact Information/Hours not easy to find.
  • Not easy to update.
  • Not mobile responsive.

Initial Ideas/Style Concepts

One huge thing Ocala Gran Prix had going for it is that they had a lot of awesome, exciting photos for me to use, so I decided to let the photography do the talking. I picked a split complementary color scheme of red, blue, and yellow, and went for a clean and trustworthy feeling as I believed it was important that their users are immediately drawn into OGP’s brand.

Ocala Gran Prix Concept

I also wanted their most important sections to be easily visible and accessible as soon as the user visits the site. I sketched out a few different mobile and desktop wireframes on my tablet, getting feedback from fellow designers and the client before starting on the design mockup in Photoshop.


I developed the site on the Bootstrap framework using a mix of HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery and integrated it with Netsource’s SiteSource 3 CMS platform (built using which makes it very easy for the client to manage their website. I made sure that the design stayed consistent and easy to use on both mobile and tablet.

Ocala Gran Prix Responsive CMS Webiste


Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome of this site, and more importantly the client is. The new site really establishes Ocala Gran Prix’s presence as one of the top racing facilities in the nation, reaffirming to users that they’re in for a world class racing experience.

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