Nash Plumbing & Mechanical

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About The Company

Nash Plumbing & Mechanical has been proudly serving the Southeast US and Caribbean since 1974, growing from a one truck operation to a leader in the industry while maintaining the highest of quality and consistently delivering projects on-time and within budget.

The Problem

Nash needed a new look that accurately reflected their professional identity. Their original site was outdated, built on tables, and wasn’t mobile friendly while their main competitors all had new, sleek, and responsive websites. They needed their contact information to be easy to find, and they wanted the site to showcase both the industries they worked in and their most successful projects. It was also important that the site be easy to update.

Nash Plumbing & Mechanical Responsive Website

Initial Ideas/Style Concepts

I first identified a basic color scheme for their website that I made sure meshed well with their brand essence. I decided to go with a monochromatic color palette in order to keep the site simple and professional with the main colors being blue, white, grey, and black and used strong imagery to make sure that potential clients could immediately view projects related to the industry they were interested in.

I then mapped out how each element would translate to mobile and tablet, concentrating on the client’s and more importantly the users’ needs. I started with basic paper sketches and wireframes to map out the various interactions before then taking my ideas into Photoshop and using Brackets for the bulk of the development.

Bringing It All Together

I used CSS3, HTML5, and JQuery to turn the design into working code before integrating it with Netsource’s SiteSource CMS. I believe strongly in graceful degradation, so I made sure that the site functioned well on all browsers as far back as IE8 (It even works on IE7, though there are some quirks). All images were optimized to keep the site lightweight and fast, and it ended up being much faster than their previous site.

Nash Plumbing and Mechanical Initial Style Guide

Final Thoughts

Both the client and their users loved the new site. It successfully displayed the breadth and quality of their work while keeping the information they were looking for easy to find. It even won a Silver Addy Award for Responsive design. Most importantly, it established a new outlook for the company as well as an updated perception for their customers and users.

Nash initial sketches/wireframes
Nash Plumbing & Mechanical Layout